Lasting Impressions Permanent Jewelry

Have you heard of the latest trend when it comes to jewelry? Have you heard of permanent jewelry? No, this isn't a piercing of any kind, yes, I thought that when I first heard "permanent jewelry". LOL 

To put it simply, permanent jewelry is a bracelet, necklace or anklet that has no clasp. It's on you permanently unless you CUT it off.

Southern Sparkle Boutique would like to introduce you to Lasting Impressions Permanent Jewelry. We are now offering this service in house and couldn't be more excited about it!

Your permanent jewelry will be a special piece, it will be a lasting impression.
Below, we have added some links for you to learn more about permanent jewelry and anything else we think you may like to know about this new service. 

More about permanent jewelry

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a piece of jewelry (typically a bracelet, anklet, or necklace) that does not have the traditional clasp, so it cannot be easily removed.

Instead, the ends of the jewelry are welded together with a jump ring while you’re wearing them, creating a seamless look. As the name implies, these pieces are intended to be worn all the time, permanently.

You can also personalize your permanent jewelry piece by customizing it from a large selection of charm connectors.

To sum it up, a piece of jewelry can be more than just a beautiful accessory. Instead, it can represent a powerful emotional connection to a person, symbolize a relationship, or simply remind the wearer of a cherished memory, a lasting impression.

Taking care of your permanent jewelry

To ensure your permanent jewelry lasts for years to come with minimal wear and tear, proper care is needed in order to maintain its quality. With the right care instructions and treatments, these pieces can be enjoyed without the worry of harm or damage over time.

You will want to avoid excessive exposure to lotions, perfumes and chemicals. These items will only dull the shine of your chain/charm.

Jewelry can be cleaned with warm water, a soft toothbrush, and mild dish soap. We also provide you with a free jewelry polishing cloth at the time of your appointment.

What if I need to take it off?

There may be cases where you might be asked to remove your permanent jewelry, like for sports or medical reasons, etc. 

To remove your permanent piece, you would simply take a pair of small wire cutters and cut the jump ring in which was welded together. That's it.

Now we know this isn't ideal for a piece of jewelry you desired to have on permanently, so if you ever find yourself in this case, do not hesitate to reach out to us when you are ready to have it welded back on. We will gladly help you with that.

What is the warranty on our permanent jewelry?


Lasting Impressions secures your chain by expertly welding it in place using a jump ring, seamlessly connecting the two ends of your custom-fitted chain. If the weld on the jump ring should ever break or require replacement, we are committed to offering you a hassle-free solution. At any point following your purchase, we will gladly re-weld your chain together at absolutely no cost to you.


In the event of your chain breaking, rest assured that Last Impressions is dedicated to your satisfaction. We will promptly and without charge, restore your chain's integrity by seamlessly adding a new jump ring between the broken links.


In the unfortunate event your chain breaks and becomes lost within 15 days of purchase, Lasting Impressions extends its commitment to you by offering a one-time replacement of your chain, completely free of charge. Additionally, any gems that were lost are NOT eligible for free replacement. However, we want to make it right for you. If you wish to replace any charms and add them to your chain at the time of replacement, Lasting Impressions will provide a 50% discount to ensure you can restore your cherished jewelry.

We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with your jewelry. Should you require any assistance or wish to make a warranty claim, please contact us and we will promptly assist in resolving the matter.
Please ensure the proper care instructions have been followed, including the cleaning of your jewelry with mild soap and water. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, or improper care.